Who are you REALLY?

This video below is a must watch. I say this because it clearly shows your roots. It demonstrates, factually, who you are and where you came from. In that way everyone is the present product of past actions. DNA is a code. In that code is lots of information passed from one generation to the next. Following your DNA string scientists can identify where you are coming from.

To me it must end bigotry, hatred against other people as in nationalities, religion, ethnicity and all that people cannot choose from. We are just a contemporary being in a whole string of funneling other beings into you. Therefore, who are you to judge others? We all have our Purpose in live so let’s use it not setting each other up against each other!

(The clip is in English though there is Dutch text as a start)

2 Replies to “Who are you REALLY?”

  1. That was so strange. This had already turned up on my Facebook timeline but I did not look at it then, it turned up here on your blog, so I watched it. The synchronicity of it made me think “you have to see this” Fascinating. Thank you Blessings Joy

    1. Yes! I also saw it passing by on facebook at first. Then it caught me and related it to my way of thinking that shines through in other blog posts as well. I normally don’t reblog or copy or whatever, but this was an exception. Glad you liked it 🙂

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