Omaigawd! See dat pumpkin growing!!

Hold up, wait what? Really? YES, REALLY! Tell me more, tell me more!!! Okay! We live in one of the most boring new developed areas about 40 Km out of Kuala Lumpur City Centre. You know, those standard suburban areas without public transportation or anything meaningful to do or having shops on walking distance. That …

A new road trip and finding family (after 24 years!)

The brilliant and magical Sunday morning I wrote about couldn't end better! Do you know those days? When there is a nice flow and energy that this flow continues throughout the whole day? That you meet unexpected things or that you are in unexpected situations you always will remember?

Such a day was this Sunday. 

Happiness on a Sunday morning

Suddenly, as if someone snapped me out of this world I found myself being in a movie or a character in a book. It felt I wasn't grounded on earth anymore. All that seemed real a minute ago was now fiction.