#Brexit (?)

On a Dutch news website ‘Volkskrant.nl‘ is a blog completely devoted to the possible exit of Brittain from the EU. When I am going through the daily news articles from that blog passes by, in fact, many hit the national news on TV. I simply do not understand what the discussion really is about. Yes, sure, the UK leaving the EU or not, obviously, but the real agenda, what really is behind it? No clue. I am even not sure if politicians know what factually is going on and what the true reason is as the whole debate are mere oneliners based on populists sentiment.

From both sides the only tool that is being used is fear. Fear from what happens if the UK leaves the EU, fear for what happens when they are staying in the EU. There are no rational arguments on which one can reason to be pro- or against a Brexit.

Time is a relative concept. Generations grow up and take over very fast and the older generation tries to keep what once was. My generation, I was born in 1981, had their childhood in the 80’s, being teens in the 90’s and only became aware of consequences of political choices in the 00’s. Then it was the time that we were old enough to rationalize and to reason for ourselves instead of being pro or against parents. In those 20 years, everything went better. Everything, for the majority of the world. And that progress was already before the EU took effect. In other words it is not the EU being responsible for that progress.

The same similarity is reaching climate goals. According statistics, the UK performed well in reducing CO2 under the Kyoto Protocol. However! That was only because during that time much of the production went overseas to China! Yes, of course the CO2 production drops when the production isn’t there anymore. Also that was not because of the Kyoto Protocol but out of a different choice. Side step.

The EU is so far away, unreachable, impersonal, and not transparent in what interests are and for who. 500 million people are, somehow, governed by only a handful somewhere in Brussels. Where is the interaction? Where is their knowledge on what current sentiments in my neighborhood is, or yours for that matter? Hmm…

Be it conservative, liberal (economic or cultural), progressive, anything!, it always is important to know what is happening in homes, streets, blocks, towns, regions, and the country as such. That has to be assessed, that needs to be in consideration because that is being governed.

Being governed without fear and short-term sentiments.

Is the pro-EU block afraid that the UK will become a newly self-imposed North Korea? Are they scared that they self-sanctioning themselves not being part of the EU? Are they scared there will be apocalyptic events leading to that great of a recession  so there will be a UK version of the ‘Dust Bowl’ from the USA late 1920’s? Cameron, a world war three? Seriously? IMF, no single positive effect? How can you claim that before anything has happened?

Sure, if there is a Brexit, things will change. That change is your choice, and how the UK may look like after a possible Brexit is also your choice. However, those ideas, rational and with reason must be clear. Be it only starting points, new insights, anything that is a reasonable option to choose from: either that, or the EU. But please, without the apocalyptic sentiment of war and that all is bad. That’s not true.

Someone soon needs to make an Apology for this mess, straighten out the facts and everyone can choose wisely.


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