USA – United Satans of America

Soon the USA can sue/bring to court other nations as a whole if the USA thinks a citizen of that country has participated in terrorism in the USA itself. The whole bill you can read here: JASTA .

The Product of Captivity of the Yellow Bus

I very much would like to have an answer to this question: What is the product, or result, when kids in the USA are being moved in a school bus and supervised for the majority of the day throughout their most formative years, rather than move themselves?

The Toilet (a.k.a. The Restroom)

One of the basic fundamental thoughts about existentialism is the question: "What was first? The idea/concept or the result/object?" Imagine living before the dark ages has started, before Christianity became popular, before we had proper houses, before paper was invented, and in a time when there were a mere 1 billion people on this planet. …


Pentagonism makes suddenly 100% sense. In the book of Juan Bosch, Pentagonism: A Substitute for Imperialism, former President of the Dominican Republic, he is describing how it is working and the relation with colonialism and imperialism. In pentagonism all is revolving around war and weapons. The science has been done, the weapons are produced and …