Facewell Facebook Pt2

In this part a nuance and explanation as to why I leave Facebook with more words. It has been on my mind already for a while and I have been going back and forth with thoughts regarding what Facebook really means for me and what it has become as in what function it has in …

Facewell Facebook

For too long I have been on screens giving away privacy and all. I came to think - I have this blog, so why not using it? It can do exactly the same if not better! I made this new category and also menu item "Daily Musings" which I will use similar as I have …

Food, Cancer and my Mom

The story of food and personal experience with food and my mother's cancer. I walk you through my general look on food to go deeper into each element of food and its function to the body. The red line is how food related with my mother's disease.

The Product of Captivity of the Yellow Bus

I very much would like to have an answer to this question: What is the product, or result, when kids in the USA are being moved in a school bus and supervised for the majority of the day throughout their most formative years, rather than move themselves?

My Malaria and No Hospital

My malaria experience in which I tell my story how it is to have malaria in Angola, Africa. How hard it is to beat the disease, the connection with locals and how poverty is affecting health and treatments.

I want to want

  If life is a U, then, in September '14, I was somewhere in the bottom and this is what I wrote as answer to the question: "Daniel, what do you want?" "What I want? I want to want. I want to want to breathe the air and enjoy. I want to want to enjoy walking …

What is life?

I think everyone has asked this question at least once. So did I, quite some time ago, but just recently I came across a paragraph that made very much sense, I connected it with other ideas and want to share it with you. It’s from J. Krishnamurti from his book ‘What are you doing with …