How patriotism can be so damaging!

There is a group of people in Europe, mainly in Germany but now also active in The Netherlands that is called 'Pegida', which stands for 'Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of The West (Des Abenlandes, in German). Their discourse is super racist and discriminatory. Anyone involved with that group and the like is utterly insane …

A new road trip and finding family (after 24 years!)

The brilliant and magical Sunday morning I wrote about couldn't end better! Do you know those days? When there is a nice flow and energy that this flow continues throughout the whole day? That you meet unexpected things or that you are in unexpected situations you always will remember? Such a day was this Sunday. 

The Product of Captivity of the Yellow Bus

I very much would like to have an answer to this question: What is the product, or result, when kids in the USA are being moved in a school bus and supervised for the majority of the day throughout their most formative years, rather than move themselves?


  Open brief aan Geert Wilders (open letter to Geert Wilders English below Dutch) Geert, Geert, Geert….. Ik heb het eigenlijk met je te doen. Ettertje, galbakje, muggenziftertje, van me. Gaat alles goed met je? Misschien een aspirientje nodig? Misschien iets sterkers? Te veel paddo’s genomen zodat je nog altijd hallucineert? Waren de kikkers lekker …