Cars vs. Elephants (Pt 1 in the East Coast Malaysia series)

Slowly but surely I discover more and more about Malaysia and that's terrifyingly amazing! To celebrate our anniversary we made a 3 day trip to the East Coast of Malaysia and the next few blog posts will be about that. It's not like a diary style of writing, but more taking you with me through the most memorable experiences. This starting episode is about humans vs nature and the transition to a new comfort zone.


Nasi - lema-what?? Let me explain. Mat saleh/matsaleh/how-ever-you-write-it, means.... me! Or, anyone with a white skin in Malaysia, either living permanently or a tourist or whoever. In another post I mentioned Malay, Malaysian-Chinese and Malaysian-Indian as main ethnic groups beside the original inhabitants, but, maybe Malaysian-matsaleh can be a minority ethnicity as well?!?! Anyway, there …

Food, Cancer and my Mom

The story of food and personal experience with food and my mother's cancer. I walk you through my general look on food to go deeper into each element of food and its function to the body. The red line is how food related with my mother's disease.