Kampong Trippin’ (Final part in Malaysia’s East Coast Series)

I did not want to take that wiggling bridge again we took entering the docks I wrote about in Pt 3 of this series. In little boy's excitement I did cross it once and that was more than enough! Still blown away of the 'National Geographic' walk we saw the main entrance and walked out, …

Sobering Paris (A Paris Must Read!)

In Paris is the metro with their typical entrances, the squeezing of rubber wheels, the typical sound of iron, the smell of piss, Paris, yesssss, you are a magnet attracting people from every corner of the planet!

Road Trippin’ Kedah Malaysia (with many pictures!)

After a long week it finally was Sunday. Weeks always feel too long, especially when there is work to do on the Saturday as well. After a week it is always longing to sleep in, to be in bed, to relax, to be comfortable laying in each others arms, looking at each other thinking "should we get up already"?  No. not yet, absolutely not yet. And our heads fell back on the pillow.