How a small gesture make other people happy

Today was such a day, at least, a part of it. Before I was home permanently in Malaysia, Hadie spend quite some time with her parents. That's easy, it's the same house, though we divided it in two parts. However, the garden we share and we basically all the time can hear from each other …

Sobering Paris (A Paris Must Read!)

In Paris is the metro with their typical entrances, the squeezing of rubber wheels, the typical sound of iron, the smell of piss, Paris, yesssss, you are a magnet attracting people from every corner of the planet!


Nasi - lema-what?? Let me explain. Mat saleh/matsaleh/how-ever-you-write-it, means.... me! Or, anyone with a white skin in Malaysia, either living permanently or a tourist or whoever. In another post I mentioned Malay, Malaysian-Chinese and Malaysian-Indian as main ethnic groups beside the original inhabitants, but, maybe Malaysian-matsaleh can be a minority ethnicity as well?!?! Anyway, there …

Road Trippin’ Kedah Malaysia (with many pictures!)

After a long week it finally was Sunday. Weeks always feel too long, especially when there is work to do on the Saturday as well. After a week it is always longing to sleep in, to be in bed, to relax, to be comfortable laying in each others arms, looking at each other thinking "should we get up already"?  No. not yet, absolutely not yet. And our heads fell back on the pillow.