Islam+Muslims+Multicultural society+Democracy+Peace=Malaysia

Malaysia is an Islam/Muslim dominant country, which also has a multicultural society, has a democracy, and that we are living peacefully with each other. I would like to speak up against the rising Islamophobia in the West by giving my input in the debate in a positive way from my own experience trying to give …

Why the 14th General Elections (GE14) in Malaysia are EPIC and why voting matters

The finale of the 14th General Elections (GE14) in Malaysia are Epic. There simply is no other word than epic to describe the course of these elections. It teaches that voting matters. It teaches that your right to influence your country absolutely is possible. In Malaysia, after about a 60 year rule of the leading coalition, Malaysians voted the opposition in power. 

Ooohhh that bloody cat and the birds!

"You almost drove over it, she was just not under the bloody wheel" she replied as if I had lost my mind.  "It was a plastic bag, garbage, at least so it looked" I stuttered.  "Now we have a cat" she said with great content

Get. Out. Of. Your. Comfort Zone and be Amazed! (Pt 3 in Malaysian’s East Coast series) (Many! pictures after text)

Whenever you plan a travel, usually you plan with a certain expectation. Most of the time this expectation comes true and you have had a very nice travel but also, a couple of years later, you forget about it till you see the pictures back again. A more memorable travel is when the experience exceeds …

Cars vs. Elephants (Pt 1 in the East Coast Malaysia series)

Slowly but surely I discover more and more about Malaysia and that's terrifyingly amazing! To celebrate our anniversary we made a 3 day trip to the East Coast of Malaysia and the next few blog posts will be about that. It's not like a diary style of writing, but more taking you with me through the most memorable experiences. This starting episode is about humans vs nature and the transition to a new comfort zone.