No More Urban Jungle!

This Covid-19 period taught us something. It taught us something very important. It taught us that we do not want to look at 4 walls any longer during these (partial) lockdowns.

We do not want to scan the app all the time to enter a store, we do not want to have our temperature measured all the time, we do not want to be in tight spaces either.

What we want is the freedom to breathe, go outside, walk around, be in and with nature and have that physical distance in a natural way.

We want to be more self-sustainable as in growing our own food, having our own energy and rainwater collection. We want to have the feeling of freedom, also when we can’t go anywhere.

So we were on the move, searching, and visiting affordable land we can work with, and we have found it!

Let us introduce the land we are in process of buying! It is partly flat, slightly sloped, cleared and almost ready for production! It is about an acre large, 1km from the main road and quite close to a town as well. So we won’t be totally in the wilderness either!

Check the pictures and let me know what you think!

From the inner edge facing the road
Nina enjoying the land!
So hot!

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