The legacy I want to leave behind – Books

The legacy I want to leave behind

The process of writing the dissertation did teach me that I don’t want to have this so-called ‘normal life’ anymore. I don’t want to work for a boss. I have had already so many years of freedom as in managing life alternatively (community living, self-employed, you name it), and I want to build more on that. Now I am in a situation that I am not alone, I have a super awesome and lovely wife and family (in law) I will have to take care of. There are bills to be paid. That is unavoidable. Thus, the question is, how will I organise myself?

The process of writing the dissertation teaches me the ‘problem-solution’ theory. Or at least, how it became relevant to me.

The ‘problem-solution’ theory is quite easy to grasp but quite challenging to implement. When you don’t have clothes, you have a problem, and the solution is buying them. When you aren’t able to create a website, you have a problem, and the solution is either to learn how to make it or to outsource it. When you want to learn it yourself then you have a problem, you don’t know how and the solution is reading information that teaches you exactly that.

Many books/blogs/websites etc. are aimed at solving a problem in a certain niche. Fiction also addresses ‘problem-solution’. Themes can be about love, society, crime, addictions, etc. and that’s plotted out. Those themes can be written in different styles/worlds/genres.

I always have been good at writing, at telling stories, at teaching, and I think I finally found my ‘problem’. The problem is the way our society is organised. Both economically and politically, it is so abnormal! Society makes us believe that there is no other alternative possible. Yes, in the USA, there are the Republicans (conservative) and the Democrats (less conservative) and there are the ‘welfare states’ in Scandinavia, which all are democratic in a way, but, they don’t address the fundamental issues that explain society to show us why it is so wrong and why we cannot sufficiently cope with it.

Of course, there always will be ‘the happy few’ who can buy their way into everything, but the vast majority of the people are simply struggling. Struggling relative to others in the same context or abstract struggling because the biggest part of a society does not have food. Or any single spare $ to buy life-saving medicine that costs only $1.

There are people without rights in many degrees, look for example to the LGBTQ+, skin colour, religion, gender, etc. Those power relations are far from clear either and what is culturally acceptable.

I do not claim I have the answer or the ultimate solution. But these significant contrasts within society I am able to address, comparing, and to write about. And that’s precisely what I want to leave behind.

My vision will become something like: ‘Imagining an alternative world that addresses and solves the big inequalities in our current society.

My mission will become something like: ‘I want to shake up, provoke thoughts, make you think about what is wrong and how to possibly solve it through engaging and page-turning books’

I believe that there are many people who feel ‘something is wrong’, I want to write exactly what is wrong in an engaging way.

That, hopefully, will be my legacy; books, stories, paragraphs, sentences and words that you can consume, can learn from, can identify themselves with, can be inspired from and that those stories will make an impact and a change. Even if it is just 1 person.

Though bills have to be paid, it’s not about the money. It is my drive, motivation and ability to at least address the biggest question in the society that is going on today. It is up to us together to find a solution to have left behind a world that is better for our children than it is for us. And, if I can make money from it, I’d be grateful!

Have you written anything yet? No. Not much yet. The decision to start is made, now follow through!

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