Facewell Facebook (pt 4)

Facebook is a terrible invention. I am happy that I am out of there, though it is only a month or so. However, it is enough time to have ‘forgotten’ about it, how it is not part of my life anymore, or, how I’m no longer part of Facebook’s money making machine.

But I also have to be honest towards myself. I definitely am a person who is super easily distracted. A random fart already can set me off, the cat jumping off the closet scratching the couch that she wants to go outside.

While the door is open.

So I have to get up and let her out.

Once I’m in the kitchen I see the dishes, I see the garden, jom, let’s check that one too. Then I walk back inside and I see the potatoes that are sprouting already so we don’t want to eat them. 30 min later we are growing potatoes in our garden! I want to walk back inside again but my parents in law invite me for lunch and as I hadn’t had lunch yet, I will take it.

Anyway, this goes on and on and on and the things I really have to do are getting in a time pressure. Yet, I am managing so nothing goes wrong.

The reason I started blogging again was to have more control over my privacy and not being a money making machine for someone else. Also, I like the aesthetics of the different themes and I’m keen having a good looking blog. Lastly, the blog is about me, about my personal life, travels, experiences and random things. It is not about something. Not about something I am good at or something I want to sell, or the aspiration to have 50k followers in a short time and make money out of the blog myself.

I discover that I like writing. I want to improve my writing skills and the only way of doing so is…. to write! English isn’t my native language but I am putting effort into the language so the stories have a nice flow. That makes it nice to read for you but also for me when I go back to it again.

Konnexxion is a place I want to collect and share my memories of past travels and current events.

However, that takes time too and of course I am also interested what you are writing, you as in you, my followers. By now I have more followers who I don’t know in real life than I know in person.

Facebook was endless scrolling through, being passive, clicking and liking random things and getting annoyed with politics all the way from the USA while I’m living all the way in Malaysia. Pfff….

Though the time I am spending in this blog in collecting thoughts, in sharing my life of how ‘an immigrant’ is living life in Malaysia and reading what you are writing is a real and sincere activity. I improve my writing, my reading, I’m getting inspired, trying out different styles, topics and in this way I am learning as well.

Konnexxion gives me something else to do. It provokes my thinking not to take everything for granted. The story about me going shopping with my parents in law is a good example of that. The story about the Happy Sunday morning is an example about it as well.

Konnexxion makes me think how I translate real life into a stream of words that might be inspiring, moving, touching, and maybe from time to time provoking.

Confirmed! No more account!

All the above Facebook never could do. Now I feel I’m giving myself, in a way, to you vs to Facebook. Facebook recognizes what I am liking, what I am posting about and sells that to advertisers so I get personalized ads! No more of that crap!

I did have this blog simultaneously with Facebook and they were connected as well. Facebook ‘friends’ simply liked the picture and not clicking through to read the whole post. Something you do. This <— is the 629th word and you came all the way to that already!

Leaving Facebook does have consequences. There are people I did follow who I cannot follow any longer – so be it…. There are people of which I thought we were pretty good friends in real life but the moment I left Facebook, no single word anymore. That shows too that real friends are beyond Facebook.

Now I live life local, in Malaysia, 10.000Km from the country I was born. I am happy, I’m doing good and can manage everything  perfectly fine. There are ups and downs as in everyone’s lives and that is part of life.

Konnexxion vs. Facebook? Ish! Konnexxion of course!!! Konnexxion, my public memory, where I show my journey through life by connecting words.

Konnexxion that inspires me to live, to breath, to comprehend, to put everything in a certain perspective. Much like Richi Mittal wrote in her post. She is off Facebook much longer than me but I already recognize her experience of a life beyond Facebook.

Lastly, Konnexxion is the tip of the iceberg of all that went through my mind before hitting the ‘publish’ button. Life needs to be lived, experiences needs to be made, take the car, airplane go out out out out! Use your senses, feel, smell, be moved, listen, only if it is listening to one bird!

All of that boils down to that single post in which the most important matters most.

Thank you for reading Konnexxion, much appreciated!


2 Replies to “Facewell Facebook (pt 4)”

  1. Awesome read. We don’t realise how much time we waste scrolling through and liking things other people love….You’ve create a space for you to truly enjoy your own life. Well done! I look forward to your future reads and my days without Facebook 🙂

    1. Awww thank you! And thank you for following me as well! Hehe as long as I live I’ll keep on writing I guess, so new stories will come!
      Enjoy being Facebook free and no, there won’t be FOMO when you focus on the moment and on the things and people around you 😊

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