Ooohhh that bloody cat and the birds!

It was more than a year ago. I was sitting in the car, her old car, the Picanto when we still drove it. It was early morning, around 6-ish when we left home. She allowed me to borrow the car during the day so she came extra early to pick me up. Or to pick herself up.

I drove, I cannot see that well in a dark street with a flickering lamp post and some garbage near the road and “STOOOPPPPPPP!!!!”, she screamed loudly next to me! Abruptly I stop the car, the seat belt safety clicks and we couldn’t move anywhere. I stopped and half surprised I looked at her with still a sleepy face due to a jetlag.

She hurried out and back in again and in her hand I saw a tiny kitten.

“What are you doing? Where did you get that from?” I asked flabbergasted.

“You almost drove over it, she was just not under the bloody wheel” she replied as if I had lost my mind.

“It was a plastic bag, garbage, at least so it looked” I stuttered.

“Now we have a cat” she said with great content.

“How can you do that? You cannot just take a cat from the street? It’s good you saved it but it must belong to someone?” Obviously we cannot just take a kitten from the street.

“This is Malaysia lah, either we take it or it will die, there’s nobody to ask, do you want to knock doors at this time? Believe me, it’s a stray cat and now it is ours.” “I’m for sure not going to speak to people I don’t know, are you? and her ears are dirty, she’s not clean.”

I gave up, I didn’t know if that was a good thing or not, but, we have a cat. “How do we name her? It’s a her, right?”

“I think so? Its dark in the car, will check later”


We have a cat. Soon I’ll drop her off at work and I take the car back, with a kitten, actually, its a cute adorable little thing how not to fall in love with it? It’s so lucky! “Hey, shall we call her ‘Lucky’? Lucky she lives, 8 more lives to go, now it’s with us so she will keep those lives for a long time”


Poepie, after all, we called her Poepie, a Dutch nickname, “Little cute bum” could be a translation to English. Yes, a fluffy bum she has for sure.

She, yes, it’s a she, became such a wonderful and beautiful furrball. No matter how mischievous she is, she knows we cannot get angry with her no matter how hard we try.

Like this morning:

It was around 6am again, Hadie left to work in our new car. I went inside, took my time a bit, started the laptop to read some emails, checking the news, taking a you-know-what, took a shower and brushed my teeth before I casually opened the door.

Poepie came in. Sitting on the floor, head up, looking at me like, hey you take some action! You know what I want?! “Meow?!”

“Okay okay Poepie, I know what you want” and I put all the left over dry food on a pile again (without adding new of course) and she happily ate. I looked at the thing eating before she turned around, ears to the front and there she went with her fluffy bum. Outside in the garden, or jumping gates, exploring the neighborhood to comeback with a gecko or something. Cannot believe there still are left!

I came outside.

Mother in law, panic in her eyes, pointing up in the tree! But I already know what time it was. Poepie on the highest branch, going for the birds! She knows we don’t like that, that’s where the birds sleep, so she can sneak up and randomly catch them. Those birds just laid their eggs in one of the nests they made in an empty coconut we hang up out of her reach.

“Poepie!!! Come out of that tree!” I aimed my plant spray at her and continuously ‘pulled the trigger’. “Out out out out!!!” I yelled at her. “You cannot kill those bloody birds, Poepie, you know I don’t like so don’t you do it”!

Poepie was well out of the tree, pretty wet already and I still was wetting her with the plant spray. All. the. way. inside. Who does she think she is?!

Ears to the back, low on her feet, slow paced, “meow”, sorry, “meow”, on the floor, head upside down, showing her belly.

“Purr purr”, look how cute I am! “Purr purr”.

I came outside.

“Ohhh dear… there we go again…” I saw a wiggling tail. Of a gecko. Poepie putting her paw on it, looking proudly at me.

The gecko lives, tailless, and I?

Sigh.. and I walk inside again.

The monsoon started. Heavy rain at the end of the day! The clouds broke and when the first rain came, she came too, out of nowhere, racing, jumping, almost trembling over  the doorstep.


“Ya, Poepie, I love you too”

Our adorable Poepie!


3 Replies to “Ooohhh that bloody cat and the birds!”

  1. Hello ,

    I saw your tweet about animals and thought I will check your website. I like it!

    I love pets. I have two beautiful thai cats called Tammy(female) and Yommo(male). Yommo is 1 year older than Tommy. He acts like a bigger brother for her. 🙂
    I have even created an Instagram account for them ( ) and probably soon they will have more followers than me (kinda funny).

    I have subscribed to your newsletter. 🙂

    Keep up the good work on your blog.


    1. Hey! OMG I’m so sorry! Because there was a link in your comment it automatically put the message as spam! Just saw it now it isn’t!
      Thank you for following me and I hope you like the other stories I’m writing as well!
      Thank you for the positive feedback!

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