Stripping on the beach (Pt 2 in Malaysia’s East Coast series)

I am absolutely sure that everyone who reads this at some point wanted to strip naked and dive in the ocean to cool down on a hot humid day! and that’s exactly what I did! Well…. minus the naked… but undies absolutely!

After a 5 hour drive from West to East Malaysia, going through jungles, pondering about elephants, seeing waterfalls, enjoying seeing people taking time off to cool down and to picnic at the waterside, we finally arrived in Kuala Besut.


At resting places near waterfalls

Kuala Besut is a typical ‘one night place’. Many backpackers, divers and other nature loving tourists arrive there from the popular places like Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, or Penang island. They arrive late in the evening after a day’s travel, like us, sleep in a hotel near the harbor to leave early morning to one of the islands in front of the coast to dive reefs, see amazing looking fish and engulf themselves in a ‘Finding Nemo’ fairy tale. Touring the island on land is possible too, to enjoy the wellness such a place can give.

Naturally, we stay on the mainland trying to discover ‘the other side’ of life in such places. But not now. Now we just wanted to get out of the car after filling our tummies with very nice food. “It’s spicy!” she said, well, it’s rather sweet than the spiciness I know from the west coast, nevertheless, we enjoyed!


Jom makan! (Let’s eat!)

Afterwards we parked the car near the beach, it still was warm, many people still at work or at school, very few people in sight and the urge to see and feel the ocean and surroundings became bigger and bigger.


Going to the ocean!

Water, something refreshing under the scorching sun and definitely I could overcome my intense dislike against beach sand. That weird hot stuff in between your tows, that kind of sand crawls in everything and after a week you still can find it back! That kind of sand I so dislike! But, that day I gratefully set that aside to enjoy the beauty.


Yeey! Feet in the water!

Hadie with her feet in the water, I was going there too taking some pictures and suddenly, as a little boy who sees the ocean for the very first time, stripping till my underwear and ran in the ocean! Observe that!


Spontaneously strippin’ in and in the ocean!

Refreshing? Nah, the water was too warm for that, delightful and welcoming? Absobloodylutely! That swim was so good! With a big smile I went out of the ocean, sun-dried most of me and we walked right into a magazine of National Geographic, but that will be in pt3

National Geographic-like experience

Stay tuned!

Why do you harass my butt?

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