The Awakening #Pancake-Force

I am Dutch. And I seriously live a very good and content life here 10.000km away from the country I left. However. Some Dutch food I really always can eat or drink – Dutch coffee (have lots at home! Yeeeyyyy) and cheese (crap have none and import is too expensive lah) that is, and some comfort food I simply miss to eat once in a while, like pancakes.

And when there is that craving, then there is that craving and that craving will. be. satisfied. no matter what!

And that is exactly what happened tonight! Hadie awakened the pancake-force deep within me and I gathered all the strength, overcame the dark roads to the Giant to buy the last ingredients. In hyperdrive I raced home to bake 4 big ass super satisfying pancakes. 2 banana pancakes and 2 cheese pancakes, they saw the lightsaber, got ripped in pieces and are now resting in my tummy. YUMMYYYYYYYY!!!!!


Aaaahhhhh tomorrow healthy food again!

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