How a small gesture make other people happy

Today was such a day, at least, a part of it.

Before I was home permanently in Malaysia, Hadie spend quite some time with her parents. That’s easy, it’s the same house, though we divided it in two parts. However, the garden we share and we basically all the time can hear from each other what we are doing, seeing each other when life happens outside, and it’s also nice not to be isolated. In fact, ayah always misses the sound of us when we are not home. When I’m not studying I’m either doing things in the garden, doing the household, or simply playing with the cat, basically, getting her not to catch the birds and Geckos!

This morning her parents needed some things from a local shop, so, off we went together, also a perfect opportunity to ‘show me’ to the store owners where they are coming ever since they lived here.

Is she waiting or selling?

They gladly took on the invitation to go together and simply seeing them in a good mood, with a smile on their faces, and their ‘old people style rambling’ – something I stopped asking translations for – felt good for me and Hadie too!

Ayah is already in his 80ies and Mak is in her late 60ies. Both carry the marks of life with them and finally they just can be really home and ramble away without any worries. They are still relatively fit and manage life well together. They just need an extra hand from time to time. And that’s why I am here for too – giving Hadie space taking care of parents vs “the white man taking his wife to his country”.

The shop is plain and simple at the road side. They have everything but very basic. Rice, fish, beans, veggies, sugar, some drinks and sauces. Little choice, but, less is more and this shop certainly has character! For sure I will take the motorcycle here sometimes to get something I’ll forget on other days!

The roadside shop

They bought us a nice breakfast, roti chenai, plain ‘pancake bread’ with curry. Sounds awkward, but, it does taste so delicious! The place was a simple next-to-the-road-stall with some chairs and tables. It only took a couple of minutes and the first food was out.

Only the ‘special orders’ (the non plain bread) they make on the spot and the rest is pre-made already. So, if you want to have something fresh, ask for something added on and you get it straight from the fire!

Waiting for our food – Ayah, Mak, Hadie and I

Ayah needed new glasses too, so we went to a nearby store and got him new glasses in the afternoon!

Good? He asked me when he had one on his face.

Two thumbs up from me.

Big smile! and he happily bought it.

That’s what life also is about!

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