Pizza date and THE Frog (and Food again)

Somehow, no matter where I travel through Malaysia, getting to know my new country, everything revolves around food. I think I have mentioned food already in many posts about Malaysia and, true, many good moments are in presence of food!

It was Friday. And on Fridays we always have our ‘cheat day’ from cooking ourselves and having proper, good and well-balanced meals throughout the rest of the week. Hadie has been working so late many days of the week and today was no difference. We hoped that there still was some food left at the night market around 20.30.

However… when the skies are looking like this, then you know something is on its way and, as you will know by reading on, it was more than rain alone!

When skies are like this you know something is coming!

And! Indeed! The first drops started to fall, the cat was running after a gecko, I was running frantically after the cat, caught the cat before the cat caught the gecko (good job Dani!), rushed inside and yes, with a stroke of light and a big bang the sky violently ruptured making it rain. so hard. so suddenly. I basically still had the cat in my arms who initially give me a foul look (why did you get me in so soon already!?) to a purr purr (aaahhh that’s why – I no like rain and thunder) and she start cleaning herself. Obviously, when the storm is not on the max yet I asked Hadie if I could pick her up already (no clue why exactly on this time I asked considering the rain as a normal human being would wait asking or for her to ask first) and Hadie: Yes, come, you can get me now. (I always drive her to work and back on Fridays and Mondays). So, in seconds, no, in 1 second I was soaked whilst getting in the car.

But, as the rain drowned the night market, we went to Domino’s instead, which tastes everywhere the same so no need to write about that one. But! It’s not the food that matters, it’s the company and the atmosphere that counts! Me still half wet, coming in a Domino’s, airconditioning on max, me freezing, she freezing, pizza too hot coming directly from the oven, slowly cooling down and then the pizza decides out of the blue to become too cold in like 30 seconds… *facepalm*

Too hot pizza lah!

The Frog (GRRRRR (nah not really (not anymore (I’m good))))

IIIIInnnn Malaysia there are animals. Really Daniel?! Tell me more!

Okokok, I tell you.

Out of all possible cute, ugly, wild, flying, or crawling animals, this time I am talking about jumping animals. In particular the “The Chubby Frog Also Known As: the Ox Frog, the Painted Frog, Bull Frog and the Bubble Frog”

They sound like this and for the sake of the story, do listen to the clip (even if it is 5 seconds)

After our pizza date we came home and heard these frogs all nice on a distance and it reminded me to Thailand and other countries I have been. To me it was a point of recognition. It gave me a good feeling, a feeling, somehow of being home. These sounds I should hear. I fell asleep peacefully with them making their sound in the background.

But. At 4.01am, on a Saturday morning, I woke up and found something like this:

kaloula_pulchra (1)
Picture by Thomas Brown as I don’t make pictures of frogs at 4am.

Exactly such a frog was right next to our window in our drain. Making. exactly. that. noise. Have you any clue how loud that sounds?!

Really? Hell no! Thus, me putting pants on, flashlight, getting a shovel, walking around with my sleepy head to chase that frog away. Shovel too wide. Shit. Turned it around and with the wood in the water chasing that frog away, more, more, more, jump, jump, more more, too slow lah!, more more, and it went in the covered part of the drain.

Fortunately, that did the trick! and after being back to bed an hour later, the…. ‘terror-rooster‘ cuckelecuuuuuuuuu!!

We still managed to sleep in and around 10.30 in the morning, off we went to our regular place to eat Roti-Pisang and nasi-lemak, with ice coffee to start the day well and sweet, extending our cheating day a little bit.

Good morning! How was your night? Did you sleep well? Any frogs?


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