Immigration pt1 DONE

Bureaucracy always, always and always is a hassle. Also now to get the documents in at the immigration office to get a long term stay pass for me.

For example, we needed a stamp from court so a document can be used. On that document is a reference to a law. But, it appears that the wrong law is printed on that form so the court didn’t want to endorse it. We went back to immigration to explain it but they looked at us like, huh, what are you talking about?

The same court who didn’t want to endorse our paper did in fact endorse the same paper from another couple more or less on the same day. *facepalm* *rolling eyes*…

We with the same document to a different court in a different municipality and…. Yessss there no problem and we got the endorsement we need.

Then we submitted everything and within about a month I’ll get an answer but the expectation is that all will be good.

The process for me to stay long term in Malaysia

I came into the country with a tourist stamp for 90 days last March. Within a month I need to apply for a Long Term Social Visit Pass, as it’s called. The LTSVP is valid for a year and it grands you multiple entries into Malaysia and it’s easy to get a work permit with it (that’s just a formality).

Before I get the year I get first a probation term of 6 months. In that period I am not allowed to leave Malaysia and I am not allowed to work either. Immigration will visit the house to see if I actually am living here (my presence alone isn’t good enough, I also must have a toothbrush, clothes, etc etc here) to prevent abuse. Malaysia is a rich country in this region compared to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and also Indonesia and perhaps Thailand as well. Naturally, Malaysia is favorite to come into, also for migrants from African countries.

Anyway, when all is well, then I’ll get that one year LTSVP, which I have to renew max 4 times before I can get a spouse visa and that makes me a permanent resident of Malaysia. However, then I do get a bazillion questions and I need to be able to speak the language and and and and basically be a Malaysian myself before they give me that permanent residency.

A next step to consider is to change nationality but a Dutch passport opens so many more doors than a Malaysian passport so I might keep that one. But that’s a concern only for 10+ years in the future.

For now? First application is done, waiting for an answer and making Malaysia my home country more and more!

Happy after submitting documents!

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