Or, a Decent F*cking Car!

And that was badly needed…

Picking the car up at the dealer

Her old pikanto is done driving regularly 70km a day in whatever rush hour traffic… The poor thing had a hard time climbing up hills near Ipoh on the way to Kuala Lumpur, as I used to travel from and to there often. Now the pikanto is done servicing for over 264.000 safe kilometers without any accident besides the usual scratches and motorcycles falling against it.

The casual damage…

Her lack is nearly gone at some places, she’s bumpy and whines when there’s a sharp corner or a higher than 80km/h speed.

Poor lack…

Rest well silver lady…

Last hug…

Then! We do welcome our own DFC. A car, a new lady, powerful, that certainly has masculine features! She’s ready to transport us at least the same amount of save kilometers all over the country and beyond!

Hello Vento!

The road trips through Thailand to Vietnam are already planned! Though I seriously have to get use to the fact that Paris is 12 hours flying from here vs 3 hours by train… Yet, having this part of the world nearby is wonderful!

We will travel the same marvellous memorable kilometers, from town to town, over hills, through jungles, including a concrete one once in a while.

Looking forward to many safe kilometers!

It is highly recommended to spend that bit extra on an affordable car, without an overload of options and features, by choosing the Highline version. The engine is smaller, but, the turbo makes it all up! The big plus is the dual clutch 7 step automatic gearbox which gives full power also at low rpm. Meaning, the drive is so smooth, changing gears is hardly noticeable, easy to pass uphill, and keeping the fuel consumption low at the same time!

We surely have a good start with the new car already and looking forward for having it with us for a long time to come! Whoever will visit us, be prepared for a very comfortable airport pickup by at least one of us!

Yeeeeyyyyy happy driving!

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