Pentagonism makes suddenly 100% sense.

In the book of Juan Bosch, Pentagonism: A Substitute for Imperialism, former President of the Dominican Republic, he is describing how it is working and the relation with colonialism and imperialism.

In pentagonism all is revolving around war and weapons. The science has been done, the weapons are produced and paid for, salaries paid, taxes paid, and the profit has been made. The largest piece of USA’s budget pie goes to the army and all the weapons, bullets, launchers, airplanes, ships, utilities, and the lot is just sitting there doing what?

It’s just dead, stocked, and being maintained somewhere in the world, just sitting there and waiting, waiting to be used. The only way for ‘the public’ agreeing to have them and to use them is: War. There needs to be a reason for the public to agree using it, or even, to develop them in the first place! Who, rationally, would agree to spend 600 billion, $600.000.000.000!!! that is, on war if there won’t be any war? This is for the USA alone, add up all the other countries and the number becomes astronomically absurd, which it already is. It is not only the weapons; it is also the employment of millions of people all over the world who somehow are related to this military industrial complex.

The reason has to be given, and in the past it did happen. The reason to win US’s population to enter Iraq was staged, the war in Vietnam was staged, and even the US’s participation in WW2 was staged by letting a ship sail across the Atlantic through U-boats controlled areas torpedoing it to the deep depths of the ocean. The Nazi regime sent a newspaper article to the NYT warning it will torpedo the ship, which it did and thereby convinced the US population to enter the war on Europe’s side.

All the terrorist groups from Syria to Nigeria are getting weapons from somewhere. It is open in the news that the USA is training and armoring ‘patriots’, Russia is involved in the Ukraine doing the same. The USA, Europe, Australia and the lot is using ‘the opportunity’ to justify the use of their weapons. The thread becomes bigger and the public agrees with a bigger army, more weapons, more destruction and more deaths.

The media does a perfect job in luring us into it. Once the media used to be a government watchdog, now it became its slave: commercial driven or self-censored, and we, the people, without any doubt, take it as the truth. Just take a step back and see how the media is covering ‘Paris’ and how it will form ‘our’ opinion in adding on more violence to justify the attack?

David Van Reybrouck writes to President Hollande in “Monsieur Le President” in De Redactie (Belgium media, retrieved 16-Nov-2015 and translated by Colin Clapson, I quote a part of his letter:

“The IS communique spoke of locations that had meticulously been chosen, your own services stress the professionalism of the perpetrators. As far as that is concerned you both speak the same language. But the facts beg to differ. The three who went to the Stade de France where you were attending a friendly [football match, my edit] against Germany seemed amateurs. They clearly wanted to get inside, possibly to launch an attack against your person; it is possible. But whoever blows himself up next to a McDonald’s and only manages to kill one other person is a poor terrorist. People who need three suicide attacks to kill four others, while minutes later a human mass of 80,000 souls sets itself in motion are bunglers. Someone who together with four others wants to exterminate a concert hall but fails to block the emergency exit is no strategic genius. Someone who steps from a car are shoots at unarmed, innocent civilians on pavement cafes isn’t a soldier schooled in tactics, but a coward, a bastard, a loner who has completely gone off the rails and who has aligned his fate with several other completely derailed individuals. It’s a pack of lone wolves.

Your analysis about a “terrorist army” does not hold water. Your term “act of war” is exceptionally biased, even though this bellicose rhetoric has unashamedly also been adopted by the Dutch Premier Mark Rutte in the Netherlands and Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon in Belgium. In your attempt to placate your nation you threaten to make the world less safe. In your attempt to use forceful language, you have shown your weakness.”

The media loves this and buys it without doubt spreading fear and weakness.

In IS controlled areas is oil, and yes, that oil is being bought, funding the ongoing and unstoppable irrational ‘war on terror’.

What if we: stop buying their oil, stop delivering them weapons, pull our arsenals back, stop bombing the crap out of them, stop training them, stop funding them and treat them as we did in South Africa late ‘80ies? Where will their economy be, where will their weapons be (surely they cannot make it themselves)? Most importantly, where will their enemy be from their point of view?

All the violence, all the deaths, all the suffering, all of it, ultimately leads to 1 thing: $$$$ profit, and a lot of it, which, in turn, wants to keep ‘the war’ going on and not to stop it.

Nobody wants $600.000.000.000+ doing nothing and just letting it stand somewhere. Nobody. Every shot fired only adds on to the problem and not to the solution.

“So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness and of vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory. And I am convinced that you will again give that support to leadership in these critical days.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt. 1933

Let us not live in fear. Let us stand up, form a new leadership, a leadership of frankness and of vigor that will understand and support the people which is essential to victory. Let us show leadership turning away from the nameless, unreason, injustice, terror, which retreats us to violence and war and paralyzes needed efforts converting us to go in peace, prosperity, dignity and justice for us:

The People.

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