I don’t need possessions, or consumption to define who I am. I don’t need money to buy the attention I need. I don’t need wealth nor material richness to show other people how good I am and how well I have arranged my life. I don’t need a big house, an expensive car, fancy clothes, nor the newest of the newest to belong to any social class.

Looking from the moon, I want to see the plants grow from the seeds I sow. I want to give without expecting something in return, I want to go beyond myself and take the common good first, the common interest and to build bridges, to educate, to learn and to understand. I would like to create awareness and share this to make this world a better place. I want to develop my skills in doing so, no matter what it takes.

This is very spiritual, biblical maybe too, as I see and understand that all the material good can’t go “through the eye of the needle”. Only love can, the soul and spirit one is living by that makes someone being remembered. Even if it is only by one person.

In the capitalistic society of today we are laboring for Kings and Queens belonging to that 1% of all the people who possess 50% of the world richness, both in money and material goods and natural resources. We are serving Kings and Queens according their earth-like rules, profiting them and being marginalized ourselves.

There is this system, mainly only this system where we have to live by but it is up to our attitudes how to deal with it. Are we going to follow them blindly and become unable to see love over greed? Are we becoming disrespectful towards all the others? Are we allowing ourselves going down that drain and start or continue to destroy humanity and our life in dignity that has been given to us? Are we allowing ourselves giving up love and be machines for production? In the newspapers we only are ‘consumers’ with ‘consumer trust in the market’. I am not a consumer, I am not a bag with money that has to be spent, spending other people’s money to benefit that system. I am a human being with love, love for life, love for the good, love for the Poor, the needy, the people who also are being silenced. Silenced by other’s power, greed and the artificial need for more possessions and material wealth.

Money and a good profession and a modest level of material needs is a necessity to survive in this world and that’s an attitude too. Yes I need money, a job, career, and so on. To me they are tools to reach what I want to reach and not a necessity to live by or to have so I can’t produce no more and being sucked into consumption. I refuse.

“I only will be perfect when I am dead”. Then life is over, completed and it is upon others (or God for the people who believes so) to judge the state of that perfection, but no matter how rich that perfection will be (or not) that is something that goes through ‘the eye of the needle’, that is something (my) children will have learned from and hopefully took over. That is something other people can learn from too.


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