If I were to believe in a God, how would I connect?

How would I feel? How would I react? How would I approach life here on earth? What would become of me if He was indeed there and be a guide, a father, a common spirit in us all? He might appear differently in different people, and be explained through different religions, books, ways of worshipping. One can be alone, in a church or a mosque or a temple or with a couple of people who find comradeship by kneeling down on an attic in a country far away, burning a candle and having something else as more important than themselves in front of their minds.

How would I do this? What values can be learned that can be used to, “simply” become a better human being? What is it we are searching for, what is missing in our lives and why is it that we need to have a higher power first to submit to?

Isn’t it that by connecting to a God we take our individuality away and feel liberated and connected and a belonging to and with other people who think and act likewise? Isn’t it that we still can be ourselves, our unique personality of which only one is walking around with, but by giving ourselves, even for a moment a week, truly to something outside ourselves, that we simply feel better for that moment of time? Or longer, or more often, depending how much value one put to it?

Isn’t it that by connecting with others to something else, to something outside ourselves, we are preventing loneliness, powerless, feeling lost or abandoned?

Isn’t it that by being in agreement with a universal guide, no matter what it may be, we have something to live for? Something to be passionate about? Something that connects us with other people and have a feeling of comradeship? Or brotherhood, or any name you wish to fill in for it.

What needs are fulfilled by coming together with likeminded people? Is there any sacrifice one must make by being together with a group of people who are thinking in the same way? Is this ‘universal guide’ (Bible, Quran, or any other book, or even the evolution theory for that matter) the only truth and can’t it be changed?

Isn’t it that by being together, having any togetherness, have something first that is outside ourselves, we are sharing? Sharing passion? Sharing love? Love for what we seek for, and what we are getting back from it? Love for the other’s contribution? Feeling loved because of your contribution?

Therefore, is a God love? Do we need to get told by anyone from the church, Mosque, temple, attic, or just by yourself, “I love you”? Or He loves you? Or you always are being loved by someone when you connect with Him? And, aren’t the books guidelines on how to love? What we must do and mustn’t do to feel it or not to be abandoned by it? The books were written in that time spirit, there is no modern day terminology in it and we are free to interpret it in our understandings, yet, the main messages don’t change. Buddhism speaks about enlightenment, Darwin about the survival of the fittest. And in the end, isn’t it that love survives? Or are we so blinded by all other temptations that fills hate and fuels war because of our eternal greed for more of everything?

Isn’t it that the material good, or greed, or money and a so-called good life standard took away ‘love’?

Aren’t we focusing too much on what we have, or want to have or need to have what money can buy? Isn’t that a God, or the time that we devote to Him is an escape from this material nonsense? Well, nonsense, one must have a good life, each in a standard he or she feels comfortable with and accepting this with love without feeling the addiction to more.

When we ignore any God for a moment, but focus on love and on sharing, and on comradeship, brotherhood or any other name you already gave it, isn’t it that there is something from the inside that gets aware, enlightened and that we can seek the same with the people around us, people who are like minded, people we just can say, truly, and without doubt: I love you? I love you for who you are and I accept you for who you are even though I may not always agree with you?

Can’t we find our way on having a common good or a common interest first we strive for making it happen? When someone falls, that there, then, is someone who can catch us? Isn’t there a similarity with a God or without a God?

Isn’t possible to find a common interest with someone likeminded, but who completely can be a different person, so one can complement another, to strive for you choose to strive for? To make something happen, professionally and accepting the (economic) freedom it gives without feeling the addiction for more? Can’t we truly commit to another person, or group of likeminded people and keep this alive?

Isn’t this also love? Aren’t we, then, our own Gods? Or own spirit, capabilities, guidance, togetherness, care and respect towards ourselves and another? Can’t we simply believe in our goodness, faith in ourselves, and contribute to the best of a common interest?

In the end, does it matter if there is a God? Isn’t there just love and being your own guide or be guided by is merely a difference in attitude and still that all of us are going for the same?

There are many people blinded by temptations, explain things ways they shouldn’t because of the greed, hate and it’s justified by an interpretation of one of the books to have it in their individual advance. Then they become the “leader” instead of being led by.

Yet, these people are in the minority, although we hear most of them. The majority of us does well and manage well with all the temptations and are managing to cope and to share and have the willingness to make ‘home’ – planet earth a better place.

Thank you all and let us connect, let us be together, with love, unconditional, without sacrifice but contributing where we can instead. You and I together, as one, connected, I’m in! and you?




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