Yeah you!

Yeah, exactly, you!

Don’t look around, it is not the other, it is you!

I want to reach out to you, shake your hand and introduce.

You the one who is searching.

You the one who is going after a quest.

You the one who want to know more, more about the introduction.

You have been moved, moved in life.

Moved from one place to the other, repeatedly, over and over again.

Inside a yellow bus.

Moving you from home, to school, to home again.

Day in day out you have been inside a secured place with a guard guarding the door so learning was secured.

Homework, loads of it, finishing in time, getting knowledgeable in the subjects presented to you.

The tests you made with an almost endless washing list of grades, letters, fails and successes. Yes!! You have succeeded and now, now, now?

Now you are searching. After all these years being moved and having taken the opportunity to learn to get wiser, what will you do? Pay your debt? Find a job? Marry? Contribute to society? Have kids?

What about the world you are living in? Yes! The world and humanity, now you can contribute to the world you know now. So many other people do it, and your parents and your children too someday.


Did you ever asked the question how the world will be looking like after 30 years or so? Wasn’t it warm last year? Didn’t you have the feeling that there were quite some hurricanes? Or that there were quite some tornadoes? Remember Colorado? Massive fires destroying huge areas of nature, killing animals and livelihoods. Don’t you think something is wrong with the picture?

In 2012, a drought going from coast to coast? Sandy? These perfect storms should swing to the Atlantic Ocean and release their energy on open water. But that is no longer the truth. Katrina, Sandy, are no accidents. They were here and continue to come more frequent and heavier in the near future.

Did you know that the NYC subway is pumping out 10 million gallons of water, every single day, to keep the trains going? Just imagine what will happen after more ‘Sandy’s’ hit?

Didn’t you ever pondered about this?

We are moving in a direction unknown and we aren’t traveling in a yellow bus, this time.

We are moving ourselves in a direction, a future, and create a destiny that won’t be a safe environment for our children no more.

We aren’t taught about this but we know. We know we can’t consume 24% of the world’s recourses when we only have 5% of the world’s population. We are stuck in the same pattern for decades. We consume and consume. Food travels 4000 to 5000 miles in average, power plants are so inefficient and pumping so much greenhouse gasses in the air. Our landfills are huge and releasing gasses too. We frack up our livelihoods and endangering our own waters for our own consumption our cats and dogs and other animals.

The globe is warming and the climate is changing. We are pumping all that carbon in the air that nature safely stored millions of years ago to keep; never to be unleashed in nature again. But we are doing it.

We have this knowledge. We can’t stay longer indifferent and we are not ignorant only if we open our eyes for a moment and look around over the edge of our apples.

We are part of the problem, realizing this, we are also part of the solution. We are great people, we have the power to change. What we have done in history we can do again. After the great depression we turned our economy in the biggest of the world; we only needed a war to realize this. Now we are up to a fight again: a fight to save ourselves, to save our future, your future, your neighbor’s future, my future and the future of the generations to come. Now you can look around, look at all the people who are or will be affected of the changing climate.

Knowing this we also have to take the responsibility to act and move once more. We have to move in a different direction, in a sustainable direction and in a direction we can be grateful for.

We at One World Center have a program to make our local environment climate compliance over the next 10 years around our own local place, the place we live and care for. Many people take so many initiatives to make this world a better place, still, we can’t just save ‘humanity’ but we do have the possibility to mobilize and move our neighbors and loved ones. If we all take this up we do move mountains. Not by mountain top removal but by moving ourselves, conquering unknown challenges and that is something to be very proud of.

This was the introduction, the introduction to let you see that you can be part of the difference. In the 10 year plan we have, we invite you to be part of it in a Climate Compliance Team for 6 months. Getting knowledgeable in this field, taking action and passing on knowledge to the next team, and the next and the next. In these 10 years we will move and have moved our local area to be an example for everyone to learn from. You will be moved, having a new experience, having the opportunity to realize that each small action does make a difference.

We are looking forward you taking the invitation and the responsibility to move.

Then someday the yellow busses will move people too, moving them in the right direction into a sustainable future for you, me and indirectly humankind.


*This is my personal “Invitation” and does not reflect OneWorldCenter’s style of writing nor agreement of the content. It is meant as draft*

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